Personal events – birthdays, anniversaries

Personal events – birthday parties, anniversaries, you name it !

Best parties are hosted in the kitchen! For interesting birthday celebrations we offer various activities.

We take all responsibilities and organize your celebration, so you can relax and come to the event as a guest.

How does it work?

We welcome all your guests with appetizers and a glasses of aperitif. If you request a cooking course together, a professional chef will invite everyone to participate in an open cooking session.

ČIOP ČIOP advantage – quality of products.

All meals are prepared from fresh, exceptional quality products. Moreover, open kitchen is customized for all guests to watch the production process from the beginning till the end, so you are able to eveluate the quality yourself. Besides that, while cooking with chefs you will gain additional knowledge and practice or maybe unlock a hidden talent..

ČIOP ČIOP will take care of your celebration from A to Z. So all you need is:

  1. Decide how your party should look like.
  2. Pick the sweetest chef.
  3. Choose the most delicious menu.

We offer you:

  1. Birthday party organization from A to Z.
  2. Matched high-quality beverages
  3. Photo/ Video services
  4. Decor services
  5. DJ or live music
  6. Bartender services

*Usually we allocate 4 hours for kitchen event. For standard, we cook 3 meal dinner.

**Spring/Summer menu and chefs you can download here.


If you already have a place for your celebration – ČIOP ČIOP will arrive to your place. We will bring all necessary equipment, cook dinner, and clean everything. All you have to do is celebrate !


Our team has four year experience with children summer camps, so we know how to take care of your little ones!

For little chefs we offer:

  • Food cooking classes
  • Decoration of cookies
  • Cupcake bakery
  • Italian pizza subtleties
  • Creativity training sessions
  • Friendly environment
  • Products that are fresh and suitable for children