Culinary courses

Take the opportunity to gain unique experience in culinary courses!

Do you like to revolve around the kitchen and are interested in the culinary traditions of different countries? The three-hour course will feature gourmet meals with the chef, and a 3-course dinner with matching drinks after cooking. The chef will also share unique knowledge about the cuisine of the chosen country. Have a great time and gain invaluable culinary skills for life!

We organize courses for the following world cuisines:
  • French cuisine;
  • Italian cuisine;
  • Mexican cuisine;
  • Modern Lithuanian cuisine;
  • Thai cuisine;
  • Asian cuisine;
  • BBQ meat course;
  • Vietnamese cuisine.
How is everything going?
You choose the most attractive and interesting topic of culinary courses for you:
  1. You register by the specified e-mail
  2. You arrive at the ČIOPČIOP studio
  3. You can make a three-course dinner or lunch with the whole group
  4. Tastes and discusses flavors
The courses can be attended by 1-4 people, for larger groups we recommend choosing a private event.

Everyone can register, and groups of 10-15 people are formed. If a full group is not formed, we will move the culinary course to another date or cancel it - we will inform the registrants and the registered coupon will be used for the next time.

The whole group of the culinary course, together with the chef and the ČIOPČIOP team, produces a common starter, main course and dessert. This is not an individual pastime. We create good tastes, new acquaintances and friendships.

The topic, chef, date and time of the culinary course are chosen by the ČIOPČIOP team and announced in the "Courses" section and on your Facebook account.

When choosing culinary themes, we take into account the preferences and seasonality of the majority.

Culinary courses are usually held in Lithuanian, but we have chefs who speak other languages ​​as well.

Culinary courses are amateur entertainment.

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